What Auto Repair Service Do You Need?
Jasper Engine Repair & Replacement-Scheduled Maintenance We Do It All! Call Us In Arlington Texas First!

Cornerstone Car Care Arlington Texas

Cornerstone Car Care is an authorized Jasper engines installation center! Let us give your auto or truck a new lease on life with Jasper engines

We strive to get our customers important things done the same day, with our “express service”. In most cases, we do. We want to help keep you on schedule.When you need maintenance to get your car back to running great again, then our service is perfect for you. Our mechanics diagnose any problems or potential problems and give your car a complete maintenance checkup to get you back on the road in no time. If you just need an oil and filter change then our mechanics can get you out the door quickly with our “express auto service”. In most cases an oil and filter change can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

  1. Oil Changes
  2. Engine Repair/Replacement
  3. Chassis Lubrication
  4. Fluid Top-offs
  5. Tire Rotation & Balance
  6. Air Filter Replacement
  7. Antifreeze Testing
  8. Multi-point Inspection
  9. Windshield Wiper Replacement
  10. Comprehensive Inspections
  11. Scheduled Maintenance

Texas “Best” Auto Repair Clinic”, with the friendliest customer service department in Arlington, Texas…Guaranteed!

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About us

We provide honest, ethical,consultation, and long term automotive maintenance and repair planning for our customers. We help clients determine what their objectives should be for their automotive needs and work with them to meet those objectives.Our “Guaranteed Satisfaction Program” makes sure we stay your Top Local Shop. We are committed to developing positive, strong, long-term relationships with clients, their families, and businesses so we can provide the best possible service and products for them.We are committed to our families, employees and community. We maintain balance between our practice and our family life.











Military Discount:10% OFF LABOR On Any Service. 

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If you feel that the value and benefits of service and/or repairs are not to your expectations please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work effortlessly to ensure that we have resolved the issues to your much satisfaction. We strive to ensure that each customer leaves with confidence knowing that they have found a repair shop with integrity and, the ability to make certain of customer satisfaction.